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TDLS 2022 - Project Based Learning in ESL and ABE


Projects are an integral part of today’s workplaces. They are relevant by being meaningful to students’ lives and futures. In PBL, students gain knowledge by engaging in tasks that result in the creation of a product that demonstrates their skills and content knowledge. Projects take language learning to a different dimension with deeper learning and give students personal agency. In addition to traditional literacy, when technology is integrated and students use it to gather information and create an end product, project-based learning lends itself to opportunities for teachers to develop students’ digital, visual, data, information, and tool literacy (13 Literacies, Kathy Shrock, 2015). Through carefully-designed projects, teachers can meet the rigor of standards-based instruction outlined in the CCRS (2013) and the ELPS (2016). Attendees will learn about lesson plans for projects that are available on the TwT database of the OTAN website.

PRESENTER: Kristi Reyes - OTAN
DATE: 03/04/2022

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