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TDLS 2023 - Design and Implementation of HyFlex Models in Adult Foundational Education


This is a review and discussion by its authors of a new, free, comprehensive “Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid–Flexible (HyFlex) Models in Adult Education”. The guide was produced by the EdTech Center@World Education. It includes sections on HyFlex: program and instructional planning, teaching, program piloting and scaling up, program evaluation, and hardware and education software. It also includes vignettes of HyFlex teachers, program administrators and a state AFE leader and professional developer. It includes links to authentic HyFlex class videos and other resources. Participants will be able to describe what the guide covers, and will come away with resources for planning and implementing or scaling up a HyFlex model in their Adult School, Community College, public library or community based AFE program.

David Rosen, Newsome Associates
Jen Vanek, World Education
Destiny Simpson, Newsome Associates

DATE: 3/3/2023

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