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TDLS 2023 - Accessibility: Making Your Resources Available to Everyone


Accessibility spelled another way is inclusion. It is an issue of equity–not equality. We want to give students the resources they need, regardless of disability, to reach success in our classrooms. Not only is accessibility the right thing to do for all our students, it is the law. As educators, we want to incorporate accessibility into our documents from the start rather than just remediate. Our focus in this presentation will be on understanding what accessibility is, the legal requirements, and tools and resources available. We will focus on accessibility tools built into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, but the principles will cross over into other tools as well. The emphasis will be on instruction and demonstration.

Debbie Jensen, OTAN

DATE: 3/3/2023

NOTE TO VIEWERS: This video has a few issues with color contrast in a few sections where graphics, or websites, are viewed. Although the content is not affected, there may be areas more difficult to see for those with vision impairments.

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