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TDLS 2023 - Teach, Engage, and Humanize your Class with YouTube Shorts!


This 60-minute workshop will train you on how to make, use, and share short videos with your students. Regardless of your proficiency with technology in the classroom, you will learn how to upload a short video from your cell phone, add music, text, stickers, and more using YouTube Shorts. You will also learn how to embed, copy, and share your YouTube Shorts to your Canvas pages, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Forms, and email. You will be provided step-by-step written instructions and sample videos to spark ideas and get you inspired. At the end of the session you will leave with at least one beautiful, engaging, and imperfect (non-Oscars-Awards-nominated type) video for your class.

Chris Vela Che, MiraCosta Community College & San Diego College of Continuing Education - Noncredit ESL Department

DATE: 3/4/2023

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