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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

TDLS 2023 - Dispel Technology Myths for Adults With Disabilities


The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to: (a) dispel the myths associated with adult learners with disabilities and technology, (2) provide a medley of digital resources that enhance student learning experiences; and (3) address technology by implementing solutions for inclusion, access, and availability of technology to engage and equip these learners. The Disability and Access Resource Center (DARC) has served 500+ adult learners since July 2020 diagnosed with learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, visual impairments, and other learning deficits not yet identified. Every student that has walked through our doors has utilized digital technology for their success. DARC will dispel the myths that AWD’s: Don't know how to navigate through digital learning, Have poor executive functioning and can’t manage technology, Are afraid of technology and refuse to engage, Won’t pass the GED because they can’t figure out the computer, and Drop out because technology is discouraging.

Kenya Bratton, Sweetwater Adult Education
Margaret Macabasco, Sweetwater Adult Education

DATE: 03/03/2023


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