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TDLS 2021 - Google Accounts: Security and Management


Where this presentation will relate directly to Google accounts, some of the topics and recommendations discussed will also be pertinent to other cloud accounts like Microsoft. Topics include but not precluded to:

  1. Creating accounts as 100% Google or a hybrid version using another email
  2. Advantages of multiple accounts - separation of self and state, sharing edit rights between accounts, transferring files or ownership
  3. Browser account vs. Cloud account (i.e., Chrome vs Drive or Gmail)
  4. Methods of Signing in - via Google tools or EDU
  5. Sharing between accounts
  6. Account Safety & Management - 2-factor, Sign In history, password management, removing unused files, and using Shared Drive
  7. Questions will be answered throughout.

The desired outcome of this presentation would be that the attendees have a better understanding of account types, sign-in methods, transferring files between owner accounts, and ways to improve account safety.

PRESENTER: Melinda Holt, Project Specialist II, OTAN
DATE: 03/04/21

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