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TDLS 2021 - Advancing the Digital Shift-Two Agencies' Perspectives


With our DLAC Coach as the moderator, two administrators and two teachers will share their perspectives of how the Ideal 101 course helped shape and enhance their programs during these unprecedented challenges. The unique DLAC experience helped them survive, thrive, and dive into a more robust academic program for the 20-21 school year. Topics to be discussed will include: Agency Goals, Depth of Knowledge & Roadmaps to Success, Overcoming Challenges, Identifying Team Strengths, and MORE!

Will Neddersen, Tustin Adult School
M'Liss Patterson, Garden Grove Adult Education
Laura Miranda, Tustin Adult School
Alisa Takeuchi, Garden Grove Adult Education
Susan Coulter, OTAN Subject Matter Expert

DATE: 03/05/21

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