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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

TDLS 2021 - Digital Leadership: A 2-yr Prof Development opportunity for Educators & Administrators


The Digital Leadership Academy (DLAC) is a 2-year professional opportunity sponsored by OTAN for adult educators to learn and/or enhance their skills in integrating technology, teaching and facilitating online distance, and blended courses for adult learners.

Neda Anasseri, OTAN
Arij Mousa, Placer School for Adults
Beth Lanning, Placer School for Adults
Michele Raymond, Placer School for Adults
Chris Anderson, Placer School for Adults
Nate Sachdeva, San Diego Adult School
Nicole Lincoln, San Diego Adult School
Frances Tornabene de Sousa, Pittsburg Adult Education Center
Mansoora Zaeem, Pittsburg Adult Education Center
Martha Clayton, Los Angeles City College

DATE: 03/05/21

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