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TDLS 2021 - Getting Started With Computers Sessions


To address the major gaps in students' knowledge base with respect to technology and digital skills, Fontana Adult School begin a 2-and-a-half week in-person class sessions to help students succeed with online learning. The were taught very basic skills, like double-clicking, where certain keys on the keyboard were, like tab, what cap lock was compared to the shift key, etc. Students were also taught how to how various Office365 programs, like Outlook, including emailing and calendaring, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. The presenter will share the daily PowerPoint slides she used for each class session. She will share strategies she used for safety during covid19. She will share sample work by students and the CASAS results. In the most recent class session, 5 out of 7 students had a level gain in just the short 2 and a half weeks of class.

PRESENTER: Rusanna Hernandez, Fontana Adult School
DATE: 03/04/21

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