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Flex your Digital Muscle!

Digital Tools

During this webinar recording, participants learned how to utilize free digital tools that will assist them in delivering instruction at a distance. Participants were able to experience the tool as the student would and the tools presented targeted each level of technical ability. Some tools that were explored include: - Padlet, a free online tool that is used to encourage discussion, keep instructional resources organized, and/or serve as a mini Learning Management System (LMS). Recommended for beginner-intermediate tech users. - Loom, a free screen capture tool that allows teachers to easily record and share anything from how-to videos to lectures. Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced tech users. - PlayPosit, a free online tool that allows teachers to embed quiz questions, discussion prompts, and polls into videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video platforms. Recommended for intermediate-advanced tech users.

Presenter: Corina Kasior, Arizona Dept. of Education - Adult Ed. Services

Date: May 7, 2020


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