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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

*OTAN Courses*


OTAN offers courses developed by teachers and experts in the adult education field. The courses are generally online and offered in the Spring and Fall each year and can run anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks. Attendance to all online sessions is mandatory and a Certificate of Completion is awarded once projects are submitted in the final meeting.

Look for announcements for course offerings at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters (usually announced in August and November.)

Current courses include but are not limited to:

Building an EdTech StrategyToolkit (BEST) Course - is designed to walk instructors through a thoughtful process of designing strategic, sustainable instructional routines that leverage educational technology and are centered around the factors that most impact their learners.

Participants can expect to spend two to five hours per week working toward creating routines for integrating educational technology into their classroom. Along with coursework, participants will meet three times online after the orientation for a total of four sessions. The last session is the culmination of the course that ends with a Show and Tell in which participants will present two sustainable educational technology routines and report on their successes.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Teaching through the Digital Learning Guidance - Crafted by experts to chart a path into the digital future, this seven-week facilitated Canvas course will delve into the Digital Learning Guidance (DLG). This course will allow administrators and teachers to discover ] the compelling reasons why every professional in adult education should embrace and implement the DLG. Look for this course to be offered periodically throughout the year.

HyFlex and Tech Integration Series - OTAN created a series of approximately fifteen one-hour professional development sessions designed to empower adult education providers in California to contribute to their staff's long-term professional growth by addressing various needs in digital education, including HyFlex, hybrid, blended, and distance learning. This series of workshops and presentations are dedicated as inservice PD sessions and are dependent upon staffing, minimum number of participants, and requirements discussed with each requesting agency.

Triple E Framework Course - The Triple E Framework measures how well a tool or activity engages, enhances, and extends learning. The course will meet for seven sessions over an eight-week period, including the Orientation and a Presentation Submission session at the end. Course dates, times, and coaching sessions will be discussed in this Orientation. Participants can expect to spend two to three hours per week creating lesson plans for integrating educational technology into their classroom.

Each course title will have its own set of requirements which will be discussed with agencies or posted with a session is scheduled.

For online courses, participants must:

  • have basic computer and Internet skills
  • understand how to open and attend an online video meeting (like Zoom),
  • register for the course before the start date or during the Orientation,
  • attend the course Orientation.


Certificates of Completion will be issued upon completion the course as well as receipt of final project.

For more information about OTAN Courses, contact


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OTAN activities are funded by contract CN220124 from the Adult Education Office, in the Career & College Transition Division, California Department of Education, with funds provided through Federal P.L., 105-220, Section 223. However, OTAN content does not necessarily reflect the position of that department or the U.S. Department of Education.