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Video: Using Online Meeting Platforms: Zoom


Zoom has grown since January 2020 when the outbreak of Covid-19 prompted schools to switch to remote learning. Zoom has become a verb, synonymous with accessing information, meetings, or class using an online platform.

Zoom also offers more than just the ability to see and talk to students. There are sharing features and other tools within the Zoom platform that allow for collaborative as well as engaging class activities.
This session will cover Zoom basics and then progress and demonstrate how to use the tools available within Zoom beyond turning on one's camera and microphone. Topics may include but are not limited to:
  1. lighting and background,
  2. presenting professionally,
  3. sharing sound (for videos or audio fie),
  4. using the chat and emoji tools,
  5. Zoom whiteboard,
  6. Using online boards to engage within Zoom, and
  7. as time allows, how to use breakouts and other tools.
OTAN Certificates of Attendance are awarded to workshop sessions and only to those that have pre-registered and attend at least 75% of the scheduled time.

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