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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

Civic Engagement Tech Tools


Empower students to use technology to stay informed about the latest developments related to immigration, naturalization, and other government policies.

Use mobile and online tools to encourage greater fluency and civic engagement! By adapting and incorporating online civics resources, participants will be able to implement learning strategies and empower students to use appropriate technology to meet and exceed English language and civics-related tasks appropriate for mixed-status ESL, Citizenship, or distance learning environments.


All participants must have basic computer skills and a valid email address. Additional requirements may apply depending on the session.


OTAN Certificates of Attendance are awarded only for workshop sessions to those that are pre-registered and attend at least 75% of the scheduled time.

For more information about this or other OTAN PD options and sessions, contact


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OTAN activities are funded by contract CN220124 from the Adult Education Office, in the Career & College Transition Division, California Department of Education, with funds provided through Federal P.L., 105-220, Section 223. However, OTAN content does not necessarily reflect the position of that department or the U.S. Department of Education.