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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.


OTAN's Backbone: The Web Development Team

Posted on 02/01/2023

This year's fresh look at OTAN's website confirms, again, the premiere talents of our Web Development Team led by Lead Application Developer Angela Steele. Steele credits the team's success to their work ethic.

"The time we have spent over the past years creating common practices and following similar guidelines has allowed us to create a set .NET project that is maintainable and consistent. Our team has built up a lot of trust and skill, and that allows us to function like a well-oiled machine."

This stealthy "machine" includes team members: Jong Choi, David Espinoza, Inna Linnyk, Michael Pierce, Yolanda O'Shea, and Justin Timko. Together their work constructs the backbone of how the three Adult Education state agencies and CDE share information about happenings in the field.
To what degree does the web development team assist with the work in your agency?

If you use any of the following on this list, (which is not exhaustive of all their projects) then this team planned, developed, tested, and continues to maintain these applications and frameworks.

  1. CA AE Online Application and Reporting
    This site is designed to assist California Adult Education administrators and staff with responding to adult education grant and administrative program requirements.

  2. CA AE Professional Development Calendar
    The one stop training source for California adult educators

  3. CA EL Civics Exchange
    This Exchange is a repository for original EL Civics instructional materials created by California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA/EL Civics agencies.

  4. Online Conference Platforms: CAEP Summit & TDLS
    An In-House developed framework for facilitating conferences for OTAN and other Adult Ed Leadership Programs.

    Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.


Additionally, the web development team takes access and accessibility seriously for all. The team credits colleague Michael Pierce with this accomplishment and Steele also credits the "buy-in and participation of every member of the team." Each web project designed follows an accessible framework created by Pierce. As pages and features develop, the programmers work with Pierce to ensure everything is accessible. Quarterly, scans of websites are run to ensure content and links stay current, accurate and signal to the team when updates are necessary. Videos processed through remediation also stringently follow the accessibility framework. This important work allows greater access for all.

Thank you to the Web Development Team for how the new website and all the ways your team effectively supports adult education agencies across the state.