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Stop Talking Tech: 3 Tips for Pedagogy-based Coaching

Posted on 02/01/2023

Nicole Krueger's, January 9, 2023, article seems counterintuitive for those coaching technology integration within the classroom. However, peer coaching expert Les Foltos argues, " can be alienating especially for the skeptics and reluctant adopters." Generally, the people who feel alienated are the educators coaches want to reach the most.

Krista Moroder, a former tech integration specialist, says, "Most teachers do not care as much about technology as they do about creating authentic learning experiences. It is up to coaches to show how technology can help them do that."

While schools brought in technology especially during the COVID Pandemic, there is "still a really significant number of teachers who don't use it." And if teachers do use technology, it is not to build 21st century technology skills learners need to prepare for the future.

The article recommends the following tips for taking a pedagogy-based approach to coaching.

  1. Start by asking questions- Approach teachers as learning partners
  2. Uncover the instructional goal – Identify the goal and offer suggestions for technology tools which support that goal.
  3. Consider how class time will be spent – Value the teacher's judgment about how much time the technology should take within a lesson.

Many technology coaches have difficulty talking about pedagogy but taking a "learning partner" approach provides middle ground between the two.

Full Article: Stop Talking Tech: 3 Tips for Pedagogy-Based Coaching

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