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Different Point-of-Views About ChatGPT

Posted on 01/30/2023

A recent family dinner unveiled the "new" ChatGPT technology. The app makes it possible to create so many distinct types of writing genres and even code. Our multigenerational group experimented, with some hilarity, what Chat GPT would write if asked to draft a letter breaking up with a long-time cosmetologist, or a song about frogs, a love letter, and then an essay. In seconds, a draft emerges on the screen. Not just a draft, but what would be for many a final, graded draft in any English course.

With incredulity, the octogenarian, and a retired 30-year 1st grade teacher, exclaimed, "What is happening to this world?" The twenty-seven-year-old software engineer worried about how quickly ChatGPT could write code. He figures this technology will make his "job obsolete or easier...depends." The group members who hate writing were elated and have since put CHAT GPT to work daily in their jobs.

Whatever the feeling, ChatGPT is a game changer. For differing points of view on the technology, click links below:

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