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Taking a Look at the Top Tools for Learning 2022

Posted on 10/05/2022

Since 2007, Jane Hart from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies in the UK has been compiling an annual list of Top Tools for Learning from the results of an open survey. This year, the list shrank from 300 last year, to 100 this year. This is due to fewer people voting and far fewer tools being nominated. Hart described this year’s list as the “year of consolidation.”

In addition to the annual list which has been tracking learning tools for several years and their movement up and down the scale of popular usage, Hart has also organized the tools into Tools by Category, which helps teachers and students zero in on tools that integrate technology into instruction and student learning.

Hart also maintains much longer lists in her Directory of Learning & Performance Tools. This year Hart decided “to drop the separate tools list for personal learning (PPL), workplace learning (WPL) and education (EDU) and instead indicated where most votes were placed on the actual list.

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Website: Top Tools for Learning 2022 from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Website: Directory of Learning & Performance Tools from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

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