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Free Fact-Checking Sites for Students and Teachers

Posted on 11/07/2022

Street sign saying 'Fake News'Fake news by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

Diana Restifo published a list of Free Fact-Checking sites on the Tech & Learning website for people to use when researching an issue. These sites are helpful when educating students about credible sources and propaganda. While disinformation examples are known from as early as the 13th century BC, in the age of the internet, fake news spreads in a flash and its influence is unparalleled.

Listed below is a summary description and website address.

  1. Politifact: The go-to site for verifying political claims with its Truth-O-Meter.

  2. Google Fact Check Explorer: A fact check search engine about any topic or person.

  3. One of the oldest and most respected fact-checking sites. Each article includes a quick summary, full report, and references.

  4. Fake Or Real? How to Self-Check the News and Get the Facts: A learning tool to apply the principles of fact checking. Recommended as a prerequisite for a research project.

  5. Snopes: Super fun wacky articles and underneath the amusing fodder are real fact-checkers who investigate the claims, uncover evidence, and present conclusions.

  6. Open Secrets: This site is dedicated to tracking, documenting and revealing the sources of money in American politics. Recommended for PBL and advanced students.

  7. BBC New Reality Check: This site takes a wide-ranging look at trends, rumors, global events, and controversial stories. Students can dive into the site and draw their own conclusions.

  8. Factitious: Super fun game in which users read short articles, look at the source and decide if its real or fake.

  9. Quote Investigator: Site that examines sayings attributed to famous persons.

  10. AllSides: Presents all sides of a controversial issue without bias.

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