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Digital Leadership Academy: The Journey Begins

Posted on 10/27/2022

Nine teams are participating in the Digital Leadership Academy's (DLAC) Cohort 4. The teams met both virtually and in-person on October 20th and 21st during an introductory two days for the overall two-year team commitment. The purpose is to collaborate, outline, design, and enact a digital plan for their agencies. OTAN's Project Coordinator and DLAC Lead, Neda Anasseri, noticed the cohort's "...positive mind, open heart, and readiness to improve learning systems for all learners." Within the two days, this cohort's energy embraced professional learning in leadership, an introduction to the required Canvas course, and a first team connection with their coaches.

OTAN's Neda Anasseri addressing the DLAC teams in a classroom like setting.

Dr. Paul Porter, a longtime OTAN partner, facilitated the leadership portion of the academy. The main theme focused on team member talents rather than on their faults. Talents were measured, pre-Academy, by a Gallup Survey which listed the top five strengths of each person. Each strength is housed within one of four categories which include: Influencing, Relating, Executing, and Strategizing. The time building this understanding created a stronger vision of how each team could successfully work with one another. And then, use this knowledge for better team building within their individual local agencies.

Dr. Paul Porter speaking with one of the DLAC team members in the classroom.

Another tool introduced at DLAC is a course facilitated by Destiny Simpson from EdTech Center @ World Education. She co-authored the IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook and Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Models in Adult Education. This nine-module course lends participants the foundational knowledge of HyFlex learning along with the necessary tools to recruit, screen, orient, and plan for team models. All within the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).

Available to each team, for the two-year duration, is an experienced coach who will provide regular online team meetings for design development. Their expertise within their own agencies will guide teams to successfully meet their goals along the way.

Collage with the 5 DLAC Coaches. From Left to Right: Susan Gaer, Susan Coulter, Cindy Wislofsky, Yecsenia Delgado-Lorenzo, Christina Hyatt.

The journey has begun for our DLAC Cohort 4 teams and OTAN looks forward to supporting each team's vision!

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