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Triple E Framework Canvas Course

Posted on 11/03/2022

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The seven-week instructor cohort just completed the Triple E Framework Canvas Course with their final lesson plan "Show and Tell" presentations on October 24th. Course facilitator, Debbie Jensen, explained "Our great goal is for teachers to take [Triple E] back to their own schools and either facilitate the course themselves or get more people to join us when we do it again in the spring."

Screenshot of Zoom meeting showing multiple attendees.

The course first developed on Moodle made its debut to Canvas this fall. Participants felt comfortable using the Triple E Framework in their own lesson plans while experiencing Canvas as a "student." Additionally, each participant was supported by an experienced coach. One participant wrote, "Technology should help students process information on a more profound level. Technology gives access to reach real-life content." Triple E provides the framework to integrate technology which amplifies, not obstructs, the learning process.

The Triple E Framework first developed by Professor Liz Kolb from the University of Michigan developed a simple method of connecting lesson plans with technology using the Three Es: Engaging, Enhancing, and Extending. This idea spread throughout the K-12 system. It was not until OTAN's Subject Matter Experts Susan Gaer and Kristi Reyes introduced the concept to Adult Educators that the concept spread throughout Adult Education. Gaer and Reyes recently published the article Finally, Some Guidance! Using the Triple E framework to Shape Technology Integration in the Adult Literacy Education Journal (Fall 2022). One participant commented, "The teachings of Liz Kolb about the use and purpose of Triple E were amazing and the OTAN staff applying it to adult education is very much on point, needed, and something that can go nationwide. I really appreciate this course and [now] have experience using it in my classroom."

Triple E Framework Venn Diagram. Engagement: Time-on Task, Co-Use, Learning Goals; Enhancement: Added Value, Scaffolds/Supports, Differentiation, Personalization; Extension: Authentic Experiences, Connecting to Learning 24/7, Soft Skills

The course was created by OTAN's Subject Matter Experts: Blair Roy, Susan Coulter, Alisa Takeuchi, Jennifer Gagliardi, Susan Gaer and Debra Jensen to provide support for adult educators searching for ways to "add to" not "reinvent" their classroom practices. Course facilitator, Debbie Jensen, explained "[Triple E] helps you improve your teaching and takes it up a notch." Course creators are already absorbing feedback from participants to revise and update for the spring. Meanwhile, this fall's cohort is already using what they learned as both a course participant and as a "student" using Canvas.

More information soon about joining the spring cohort.

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