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Can Digital Technology Improve Resiliency?

Posted on 09/20/2022

Digital technologies can improve our resilience. Apps enable us to develop climate resilience, increase productivity and collaboration which improves communication. This allows for better efficiency because people can get more done with a shared drive.

With less work demands, people can then focus on tasks which digital tools cannot alleviate. It is much easier, for example, for many people to work on one project on a shared drive rather than one at a time.

For health and well-being, Apps assist in reducing stress via meditation, fitness trackers, and nutrition. All of which are easy to access and can allow friends to share and create personal workout groups and goals. Combined these apps track daily activities and encourage life-work balance.

While technologies do not allow us to reconnect with nature, they can “enable progress, such as improving data collection and increasing efficiencies within existing networks.”

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