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Back-to-School Series: OTAN News Items and Social Media

Posted on 09/22/2022

This is the fourth in a series of news items that will provide information about essential features of OTAN for you to know as you and your colleagues begin the new school year.

In addition to having an OTAN account and receiving periodic emails and communications from OTAN, two of the best ways to stay connected to OTAN throughout the school year are to follow our news items and subscribe to our social media sites. News items are posted on the main page of our website three times a week (generally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). We try to post information about OTAN events and services as well as issues of interest to the field regarding technology and tech integration.

Social Media logos. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

We are also active on social media. Please consider subscribing to one or more of our social media sites to stay connected:

You can also connect to our social media from the OTAN website. Click on the Stay Connected menu at the top of the OTAN website and select Social Media or look for the social media icons in the footer of the homepage.

Social media is a great way to learn more about what OTAN is working on and contribute to your own professional development. Please follow or subscribe to our sites and add your voice to social media conversations with your fellow adult education colleagues.

Stay connected to OTAN! We look forward to hearing from you online!

Coming Up Next: Information on OTAN Video Presentations and YouTube Videos

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