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Back-to-School Series: OTAN Teaching Tools and Resources

Posted on 09/22/2022

This is the third in a series of news items that will provide information about essential features of OTAN for you to know as you and your colleagues begin the new school year.

OTAN has a number of teaching tools and resources that teachers can utilize in their instruction. Here are some resources that you should consider throughout the school year (and click on the Resources menu at the top of the OTAN website to access):

Screenshot of Resources Menu

  • Our Accessibility Resources webpage includes OTAN-developed resources as well as resources you can use to learn more about accessibility and create your own accessible content.

  • The California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance is meant to serve as a practical resource for the many individuals who support adult learners and their digital learning including classroom teachers, classified and support staff, counselors and transition specialists, and school administrators.

  • Curriculum Offers are free or reduced-cost special offers for online curriculum licenses and professional development resources that OTAN has negotiated on behalf of the state. The curriculum offers cover ESL, ABE, ASE, and HSE program areas, divided between offers for Teachers and for Students.

  • The California Distance Learning Cooperative is a Canvas project to help districts provide equitable access to distance, blended, and in-person learning through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas LMS makes it easy for adult education providers to find, build, and share great content, scaling delivery to learners on any device, in 33 languages, and in alignment with WCAG 2.0 AA and US Section 508 standards.

  • The California EL Civics Exchange is a repository for original EL Civics instructional materials created by California WIOA EL Civics agencies. These materials can be used to teach EL Civics content to English language learners.

  • Teaching with Technology is a resource that teachers can use to locate lesson plan topics and ideas that integrate specific websites and other tech tools. You can filter your search by level, subject, and standards.

  • Web-Based Class Activities are monthly technology-based activities organized around instructional themes and topics as well as edtech tools, with ideas on how to get started and how to use them in the classroom.

  • The Lesson Plan Builder is designed as a tool for adult educators to develop detailed lesson plans to share with their peers.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these teaching tools and resources. We look forward to providing you with additional resources throughout the school year!

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