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Helping Our Students Acquire Digital Literacy Skills

Posted on 04/15/2022

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From our partner Digital Promise in collaboration with the Barbara Bush Foundation comes a new publication, Promoting Digital Literacy for Adult Learners: A Resource Guide. Digital Promise and BBF produced this guide to support educators, tutors, and mentors who are working with adult learners on building digital literacy skills. This guide is organized into four main chapters:

  • Understanding the adult learner experience, including learner variability and the whole learner approach
  • Defining digital literacy and understanding how foundational skills, thinking and processing, feelings and relating, and personal history and experience help shape a person's digital literacy
  • Preparing to teach digital literacy, including building digital capacity at work, key considerations for supporting adult learners, getting to know adult learners, and connecting with communities
  • Strategies for building digital literacy for the whole learner, including strategies that promote instructors' mindset toward equity; strategies to support learner mindset; strategies to support reflection on learning; strategies focused on explicit instruction of digital literacy skills; strategies that promote active learning; and strategies that encourage collaboration among learners.

There is also a section of additional resources at the end of the report.

Please call our office at 916-228-2580 or email us at if you would like to schedule a training on digital literacy at your agency!

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