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Activities to Consider for Your Lessons

Posted on 03/28/2022

Amazing Lesson Design Outline (ALDO)

From our adult education colleague Miguel Guhlin at TCEA comes ALDO, or the Amazing Lesson Design Outline. ALDO is divided into five sections, based on the parts of a typical lesson, and there are lists linked to activities to consider for each section. The sections include:

  • Relationships First: Trust and Social-Emotional Learning – These are activities you can use to connect with students.
  • Assessment, which refers to pre-assessment activities.
  • Teaching and Learning – These include high-effect size strategies that match your learning intention, plus some digital tools to consider depending on the strategy.
  • Assessment, which refers to post-assessment activities.
  • Reflect and Share – These include reflection activities.

There is also a short bibliography at the end which includes a number of resources that were used in the design of the outline.
If you're looking for some new ideas and resources for your lessons and instruction which can be used in both in-person and online environments, take a look at ALDO!

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