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Contextualized Video Lessons at Adult Ed Med

Posted on 01/21/2022

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As we know, video is a powerful tool to use in a lesson, but we often struggle to find video content that is appropriate for our adult students and complementary with the material we are covering in the classroom. That is why we are excited to share a new website that focuses on helping adult learners improve their chances of getting a higher paying job through contextualized video lessons.

Adult Ed Med was developed by our adult education colleagues in Texas. According to the developers, "We thought about a group of students who would be interviewing for various jobs at a local company. Considering we were in the middle of the COVID Pandemic, we decided to create a fictitious hospital, the Adult Ed Medical Center, or the Adult Ed Med for short. The hospital was adding another wing and it was currently under construction. Our students would learn their lessons in an effort to enhance their chances of getting a job at the Adult Ed Med."

Adult Ed Med provides both student and teacher resources in ESL, reading and language arts, math, and workforce/technology. In the reading and language arts, math, and workforce/technology sections, the videos are available in English and Spanish, and in the ESL section, the videos are available in English and bilingual (English and Spanish). The student resources section includes a variety of resources that can be incorporated into a lesson or outside the classroom for additional practice, and the teacher resources section includes lesson plans and other related materials.

We encourage you to explore the Adult Ed Med website and consider how you might use this resource to help your students upskill for their next job or promotion.

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