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Watch (or Re-watch) Our OTAN Recorded Presentations!

Posted on 07/23/2021

Screenshot of OTAN Tech Talk video

Over the last year or so, OTAN has hosted numerous online presentations on a wide variety of technology-related topics, and you can watch (or re-watch) those presentations on our YouTube channel.

We’ve reorganized our recorded presentations into playlists that can help you find the topics you’re interested in, including:

Many of the presentations which have been remediated to make them fully accessible (with closed captioning and transcripts) are also housed in the Video Presentations section of the OTAN website. We are currently reorganizing the section over the summer, so keep checking back to find those fully accessible presentations.

With so much great information for adult educators in the field, take some time to watch (or re-watch) the great presentations that OTAN is so happy to share. (And subscribe to our OTAN channel to stay informed on the latest videos that become available!)

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