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Foundational Policies for AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Education

Posted on 05/14/2024


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Teach AI

TeachAI is an initiative uniting education and technology leaders to assist governments and education authorities in teaching with and about AI. It is led by, ETS, the International Society for Technology in Education, Khan Academy, and the World Economic Forum. It is advised by a diverse group of 100+ organizations, governments, and individuals. TeachAI’s goals include providing policy guidance, increasing awareness, and building community and capacity.

Teach AI organizes their resources into Informational Briefs, Foundational Policy Ideas and Presentation Materials summarized below.

Informational Briefs

Informational Briefs contain reusable infographics about many AI topics such as What is AI? AI in Education and the Workforce, and Classroom Perspectives on AI to list a few. These explanatory messages provide concise details and descriptions of AI in various educational and work environments.

Informational Brief Examples

Foundational Policy Ideas

Beneath this section are policy ideas for Fostering Leadership, Promoting AI Literacy, Providing Guidance, Building Capacity and Supporting Innovation. Mostly quotes from prominent Educational, Technological and Governmental agencies.

Presentation Materials

There are customizable presentation resources made for different audiences and explain many different topics. Two examples are linked below:

Resource: AI in Education Policy Talking Points

Customizable AI presentation introducing the resources and their key messages.

This website and its many partners proactively share information, ideas, and resources regarding AI and its societal implication.

These resources are openly available for reuse under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. While permission for use isn't required, citing the source is appreciated.

Citation: TeachAI (2024). Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education. Retrieved from 5/2/2024

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