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Digital Skills Library

Posted on 04/26/2023

The Digital Skills Library is an open repository of "free learning resources" curated by educators and managed by the EdTech Center @ World Education. These learning resources are designed "to help all adult learners develop the digital skills needed to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals." Educators can submit teaching resources created for adult education and which require alignment to the  Seattle Digital Equity Initiative Digital Skills Framework.  This library proves to be a way for educators to revise, reuse, and remix continually improving resources as they are used with adult learners.

There are 10 domains instructors can explore for resources. Each domain click leads to the aligned standards and resources for that domain.

Explore by Domain

This example highlights a few resources filtered by skill.

Filtered by Skill

With technology, educators are no longer isolated from their own classroom or school. Now, we can connect, collaborate, and share which allows for time to build upon rather than begin from scratch for each class session.

Website: Digital Skills Library

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