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Time Saving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps for Teachers

Posted on 03/24/2023

Teacher task time does not end when students leave at the end of our workday. As educators, there are a million things to prepare before our next class including lesson planning, collaborating with team members, designing discussion prompts, and grading. While AI eases into the functioning of our daily lives, AI apps also save valuable time for educators. Listed below are a few to consider:

  1. Copilot - Copilot generates templates for lesson plans, writing prompts, educational handouts, student reports and project outlines to name a few. There is a free trial and then a paid subscription price of $9/month.

  2. Parlay - Parley Genie is the newest AI powered discussion prompt creator within the Parlay brand. Teachers write a custom topic or share a URL, select number of questions and grade level, and generate a custom discussion prompt. This app integrates well with many LMS (Learning Management System) such as Canvas, Google Classroom and Teams.

  3. Tome - Tome is a storytelling app which provides templates to duplicate and AI generated text for any project.

  4. Autoclassmate - This app assists educators create more interactive, thoughtful, and meaningful learning opportunities for students. Free tools to try on their website like a “Would you Rather Question Generator” or an “Activation and Engagement Activity Generator” and a “lesson Plan and Activity Forecast Tool.” This app is supported by donations.

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