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Jobs for the Future and Persistence Plus Launch Initiative Using Behavioral Science to Help Students Complete Community College and Earn a STEM Degree

Posted on 09/19/2017

Nudges for STEM Success Will Engage 10K+ Students over Text Messaging

In August 2017, Jobs for the Future (JFF) and Persistence Plus launched Nudging to STEM Success, a joint initiative funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust that leverages behavioral science and mobile technology to increase community college completion, particularly for STEM students. Starting this fall, tens of thousands of students will receive evidence-based behavioral nudges over text message to help them navigate the complexities of college, succeed in STEM studies and move toward college graduation. JFF is partnering with Persistence Plus to strengthen student success rates broadly, and in particular in STEM pathways, as STEM fields are in high demand and offer strong opportunities for economic mobility.

Half of all STEM jobs are available to workers with less than a bachelor’s degree, offering a pathway to economic prosperity for low-income students who enroll disproportionately at community colleges. However, over two-thirds of STEM associate’s degree candidates do not complete their STEM studies, with half switching to a non-STEM major and the other half leaving college without earning any degree or certification. Emerging evidence shows that well-timed nudges grounded in behavioral science can help more students get to and stay in college.

Read more on JFF's Web site.

Source: JFF Blog

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