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21Things4Students - Online Resource to Teach Digital Literacy and Citizenship 21Things4Students is an online resource to help students improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the real world." You will love this resource, not only for your students and your class, but also for yourself. This website has everything you want or need to teach your students about digital literacy and citizenship. It not only teaches students, but it also has a section dedicated to teachers who may feel they lack some of the skills themselves (more on that later). An added plus: there are no student logins, so students won't need accounts or passwords to use the site.
Accelerate Learning with EdReady EdReady is a personalized math and English readiness learning system that evaluates the skills of each student in the context of their goal and then provides a learning pathway to mastery.
Electronic Portfolios for Documenting Student Progress and Publication of Class Work An electronic portfolio is an online showcase of a student’s work, which can include writing, images, artwork, links, and multimedia.
HippoCampus: Free Resources to Enrich the Student Experience HippoCampusExternal Link Icon opens in new window or tab is a searchable database of more than 7000 free videos and multimedia resources in the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) library.
NoRedInk: Use It to Improve Writing Skills NoRedInk is a fun tool to help students improve their writing skills. Students learn grammar, mechanics, usage, and style by using a curriculum based on their favorite celebrities, friends, TV shows, and more.
Sites for Creating Interactive and Printable Vocabulary Exercises There are many Web sites that allow you to create both interactive and printable word puzzles which can help with language development. Give some of these a try. You may find one you cannot live without.
United States Presidents Use these sites in your studies of Presidents.
Veterans Day Here are some Web sites to check into for more on Veterans Day events and information. Appropriate for High School/GED, ESL and Older adults.
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