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HyFlex Model of Instruction: A Year of Reflection The HyFlex Model of Instruction integrates in-class instruction with online instruction synchronously and in addition may add an asynchronous option on a learning management system (LMS). For the past year, agencies that have introduced the HyFlex Model to their staff and students have taken careful notes, made changes, and documented successes.
Free Professional Development for Tech Enthusiasts! OTAN's Digital Leadership Academy (DLAC) is now accepting applications until August 19, 2022 for its fourth cohort (2022-2024 school years).
What's Happening in U.S. Citizenship Preparation? No new updates to the USCIS N-400 Application for Naturalization. No new updates to the USCIS 100 Questions. So, what's there to talk about in online U.S. Citizenship Prep? PLENTY!
Career Exploration in Adult Education Career exploration has been widely recognized and endorsed as a necessary step in an individual's career development. It is a fundamental lever to help adults successfully navigate an evolving labor market and demand for changing skills. The value of exploration is instrumental for each student to emerge from experience with a clear and more accurate assessment of him or herself.
Let's Get Jammin'! If effective remote teaching has taught us anything, the importance of keeping students engaged while providing interactive, collaborative, task-based activities that work both synchronously and asynchronously is key. Enter Google Jamboard.
Canvas and Canvas Commons in Adult Education If you decide to use Canvas for your class, it is not an easy as 1-2-3 thing. You need to invest time to create your site, and then find appropriate resources to use from Canvas Commons or upload your own content.
Triple E Framework: Extension The third component of the Triple E is Extension, which means connecting the learner to the real world.
Triple E Framework: Enhancement OTAN has adopted the Triple E Framework developed in 2011 by Professor Liz Kolb, Clinical Psychologist at the University of Michigan School of Education, as a model for technology integration.
Triple E Framework: Engagement OTAN has adopted the Triple E Framework developed in 2011 by Professor Liz Kolb, Clinical Psychologist at the University of Michigan School of Education, as a model for technology integration.
Introduction to the Triple E Framework The Triple E is a framework that measures how well a tool or activity engages, enhances, and extends learning.
New! Improved! Teaching with Technology (TwT) Database Updated for Usefulness and with a Focus on High-Quality Instruction Now, after more than 1,300 entries, TwT is being transformed into a more user-friendly resource.
Choice Boards: Made for Adult Education K-12 has embraced Choice Boards in their classrooms for over ten years, but if you missed the opportunity, here it is for Adult Education. It is as if Choice Boards were designed with adult learners in mind.
Interactive Images and Virtual Reality Using Thinglink You may have seen photos of users with high-tech virtual reality goggles tuned out to the world and wonder what type of experiences can be had. By definition, users are immersed in a 3D world and virtual reality places the user inside the experience as opposed to just viewing it. With Thinglink, you can easily recreate these experiences for students who will view them using a simple cardboard VR device.
Canvas Commons: Easy as 1, 2, 3 Canvas is a web-based learning management system (or LMS for short) that is used in many schools, including community colleges and higher education institutions.  Like other LMS, Canvas allows instructors to manage digital learning with a platform for teachers to create and add content, including lessons and assessments.
Google Extensions for Teachers As wonderful as Google is, it can't always do everything. Lucky for us there are third parties who create add–ons and extensions to fill those gaps.
Recent Developments in Online Citizenship Preparation Citizenship applicants and their teachers breathed a collective sigh of relief on February 22, 2021, when USCIS announced that they were withdrawing the 2020 Civics questions and restoring the 2008 Civics questions.
Liquid Syllabus A Liquid Syllabus is an accessible, mobile-responsive, equity-minded website that includes a friendly introduction video and course information written in welcoming, student-centered language.
Meeting Students Online: Jitsi Meet and Online Whiteboards Try a new online meeting platform called Jitsi Meet.
Incorporate Bitmoji into Your Lessons Bitmojis create a fun, interactive theme to lessons, email, and banners Founded by Canadian company Bitstrips, Bitmojis were originally created in 2007 to help users make comic strips with personal avatars. In 2014, Bitmoji stickers were created for use in messaging apps.
Resources for Election 2020 The 2020 Election, both presidential and legislative, is being called one of the most important in recent history. Whether or not our adult students follow the news or are politically aware, we should encourage those eligible to exercise their right to vote because the outcomes will affect everyone.
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