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Multi-Cultural Educational Services: Adult Phonics Stories


Activity Description

This excellent Web site presents a contextual phonics model for teaching reading to American-born adults.

In the online versions, audio/visual stories are read to the student emphasizing certain sounds. The student can read along and repeat the story at the end. The student practices typing sounds that are spoken. There is a print version of each story. A general Lesson Plan (PDF) and a supplementary lesson plan (PDF) is available to assist the teacher in teaching the low literacy student. Word and Number Bingo cards are available for reinforcement.


  1. Preview the stories and the supplemental materials.
  2. Print the Standard Lesson Plan (PDF) to assist you in your lesson planning for the beginning literacy student.
  3. Print any flash cards you plan on using with the student(s).
  4. Make a print version of the story you plan on using. You will find the PDF's opposite the Online Version of the stories in the table.


  1. Introduce the phonic examples.
  2. Go over the lesson together using the online story.
  3. Assign the student to review the story online.
  4. Have the student read from the printed copy. Decide if more reinforcement is needed or if you can move to the next story.

Teacher Tips

More Ways

  • Use the site as an introduction to basic skills topics such as finding a new apartment.
  • From their main Online Activities page (Web Site link immediately above), find other activities on nutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure , medicine labels and warnings, basic literacy skills (writing a check, using a timesheet, filing out a form, reading a map). Each of these also has printable learning activities.

Program Areas

  • ABE: Adult Basic Education


  • Low


  • Reading
    • Health
    • Vocabulary


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