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Spelling City: Dolch Sight Word Lists with Audio Exercises


Activity Description

Students can use this site on their own by entering words to hear pronounced and in sentences and doing activities to practice the spelling of the words. Teachers can use the site to create spelling/vocabulary lists for students to practice.


Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school. Practice using the site yourself before having students use it.

To set up your own account so you can create lists for saving and sharing with students:

  1. Follow the link above to the Web site.
  2. Select Register and fill out the form. Go to your e-mail account and confirm registration.
  3. Log in to Spelling City with your e-mail address (or username) and password.
  4. Select List Management and Create a New List.
  5. Type in a title for your list (one by one or batch entry to copy and paste from another document). Optionally enter a description and choose a grade. Choose whether words will be listed as entered, alphabetically, or random.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Scroll down the page until you can see the word list with Definitions and Sentences. If the definition and sentence supplied do not match the intended definition, select Add New Definition and Sentence and write your own or use the radio buttons to select a different one.
  8. Select Save again.
  9. Prepare to demonstrate for your students how to find your list(s).


Teach your students how to use the site independently:

  1. Send students to the Spelling City Web site.
  2. Have them select Find a List and type in your first and/or last name, username, list title for other lists such as Dolch word lists, or type in the words to be practiced.
  3. Have students select each word to hear it pronounced, spelled, and used in a sentence.
  4. Have them select Spelling Test to hear the same and type in the words.
  5. Have them select Play a Game to practice with a variety of games.

Teacher Tips

  • Demonstrate to students how to use the site; providing written instructions is also helpful. No e-mail or registration is required by students.
  • For students to find your lists, you can also e-mail the URL for a list to students or link all your lists on a Web page.
  • When entering a list, words that belong to a word family (nouns that can also be adjectives, for example), you will be given the option of choosing which part of speech is intended. Also, some words may not yet have definitions or sentences. With an account, you can enter your own definitions and sentences.
  • Your lists will appear when you log in to the site under List Management. You can choose to not publish, edit, delete, or print a list.
  • Activities listed under "Premium Activities" are not available with a free account.

More Ways

  • Assign for individual, out-of-class practice for spelling and listening.
  • Use the site's sentences for your own in-class dictation, spelling, and vocabulary tests.

Program Areas

  • ESL: English as a Second Language


  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced
  • All Levels



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