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Relationship between literacy proficiency and the digital divide among adults with low educational attainment

Series or Serial: A technical report from the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning

Publisher: Portland State University

Published At: Portland, OR

Date Published: 2008

Distributor: Portland State University, Department of Applied Linguistics

Source Address: P.O. Box 751

Source City/State/Zip: Portland OR 97201

Material Type: Research/Technical Report

Intended Audience: General

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: iv, 27 leaves

Subjects: Adult Literacy; Computers

This paper examines the relationships between basic literacy proficiency and use of computer technology among adults who did not finish high school. The study followed a sample of these adults in the Portland,Oregon area, with repeat tests of literacy proficiency, work, and technology use. The findings indicate that this demographic is the group making the most gains as the digital divide closes.

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