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Intergenerational literacy model project handbook

Publisher: Texas Education Agency

Published At: Austin, TX

Date Published: 1988

Distributor: Deborah Stedman, Director, Division of Adult and Community Education Program, Texas Education Agency

Source Address: 1701 North Congress Avenue

Source City/State/Zip: Austin TX 78701-1494

Phone: 512-463-9447

Material Type: Instructional Material

Intended Audience: Student

Physical Media: Print

Subjects: Intergenerational Programs

This project developed a model and accompanying implementation strategies for involving parents and the community in attacking the problem of illiteracy. The handbook includes a core curriculum that delineates the model components and implementation strategies for purposes of replications in other communities. The project provides literacy instruction for parents of pre-school and primary school aged children, provides suggestions of consistent, on-going activities for parents to do with their children at home, and encourages the parents of young children to seek literacy instruction on an individual basis at least once a week.

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