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Reentry education model

Corporate Name: United States. Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Publisher: U.S. Department of Education

Published At: Washington, DC

Date Published: 2012

Distributor: ED Pubs, Education Publications Center, U.S. Department of Education

Source Address: P.O. Box 22207

Source City/State/Zip: Alexandria VA 22304

Phone: 1-877-433-7827

Material Type: Government Document

Intended Audience: General

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: vii + 24 p.

Subjects: Correctional Education; Community Education

This report outlines a correctional education reentry model illustrating an education continuum to bridge to support individuals leaving prison to successfully transition back into society through education and career advancement by bridging the gap between prison and community-based education and training programs. Suggested improvements include establishing an integrated reentry program that offers and incorporates education services, workforce training, and job search support during intake and pre-release processes and links education to employment services; targeting job support to labor market demands that do not have criminal history restrictions; using technology to increase program access and data to measure performance and outcomes; and conducting thorough program evaluations to further share lessons learned and best practices.

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