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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

Curriculum Offers: ISTE’s SkillRise Initiative

Program Areas: CTE
Topics: Blended Learning

Skillrise. An ISTE Initiative

SkillRise, an initiative from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), supports adult learners and organizations with educational technology to foster success in school, at work, and in community life. Current resources include:

Digital Skills Framework

The Profile of a Lifelong Learner describes the digital skills adults need to thrive in college and career pathways. It’s a research-backed north star that helps adult educators, workforce development trainers and employers define, measure and advance the digital and lifelong learning skills adult learners need to be successful in the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Courses and Assessment

To support learners in building the digital and lifelong learning skills needed to thrive in the future of work, SkillRise has developed two courses and an assessment:

  • Lifelong Learning and Digital Skills. A self-paced class for adult learners and job seekers looking to build skills in using technology to set goals, communicate online, collaborate, and learn across a lifetime.
  • Lifelong Learning and Digital Skills for Career Coaches. A course for adult educators and workforce development coaches, the self-paced experience looks at how to use technology to support job seekers in college and career pathways.
  • The SkillRise Digital Skills Assessment. Developed in partnership with the Northstar Digital Literacy assessment, the assessment explores the intersection of digital and essential skills. Learners that pass the assessment earn a verifiable credential that can be added to a resume and LinkedIn profiles.
The two courses and assessment are being piloted in 2024 and are available for organizations that want to adopt the curriculum and assessment tools. Contact Caroline McKinnon for more information.

Micro-Learning Experiences

Learn more about our approach to digital skills training and technical assistance with these quick, mobile-friendly learning experiences.

SkillRise Framework for Technology Implementation

The Upskill With Edtech Course and Framework can be used by organizations to plan a digital transformation project. The human-centered design process helps ensure your team is ready to sustainably implement new technology in a way that enhances the work you do and supports equitable outcomes for learners and workers.

Blog and Podcast Series

The Upskill with Edtech podcast explores how digital tools can be used to accelerate innovation in teaching and learning to support career advancement and lifelong learning for workers and job-seekers. It is available on most major podcast apps (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc.).

The blog series explores a variety of topics related to adult learning, educational technology, and the future of work.

Join the SkillRise social channels for ongoing updates about digital skills and the future of work. SkillRise is on LinkedIn, X, and has an email newsletter.

In this presentation from May 2020, we provide a tour of SkillRise resources, including a free online class, the SkillRise framework, and media resources to help adult education organizations develop and implement sustainable technology implementation plans.

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