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CA Distance Learning Cooperative (A Canvas Project)

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Equitable Access to High-Quality Content and Instructional Continuity Through Canvas LMS

Across the state of California, educators have worked tirelessly to mitigate learning loss and prepare learners for next year—whether they return to school buildings, leverage a hybrid model, or continue with remote learning. As we all enter this new era of education, only one thing is certain: education can't return to business as usual this Fall. The recent pandemic presented an opportunity to rethink school, urging state and local leaders to invest in initiatives that address the needs of each learner and educator.

During these times Instructure has entered into a partnership with Sacramento County Office of Education and the CAEP TAP and OTAN adult education leadership projects to help districts provide equitable access to distance, blended, and in-person learning through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) the world's most reliable learning management system. A partnership we have titled the California Distance Learning Cooperative(CDLC).

Every learner deserves a great education, and every educator deserves a chance to provide it. Canvas LMS makes it easy for County Offices and Districts to find, build and share great content, scaling delivery to learners on any device, in 33 languages, and in alignment with WCAG 2.0 AA and US Section 508 standards.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Equitable Access to Quality Content & Instruction
    Canvas LMS encourages best practices in accessibility, supports a range of assistive devices, and enables universal design for learning in an online environment.
    Learn More - Canvas by Instructure | K12
  • Community of Learners
    Through participating in the CDLC teachers and administrators can share content, assessments, even entire courses for adult learners through an exclusive CDLC "Commons" - this repository will be built as participants create and share content. This is in addition to the Canvas Commons (Canvas's OER Platform) that is available to Canvas' worldwide audience. In both cases, teachers can easily import open content from both repositories.
    Learn More - Canvas Commons
  • An Open, Extensible Learning Ecosystem
    Canvas LMS is the most connected, extensible LMS available due to its open Application Programming Interface (API) and compliance with IMS Global and other interoperability standards.
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  • Cloud Infrastructure, Reliability
    Canvas LMS is web-based and is accessible anytime, anywhere, with an internet connection and a supported web browser.
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  • Learning Made Personal
    Canvas LMS gives teachers the tools to differentiate content and instruction for every student in an effective and scalable way.
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  • Engaging and Interactive
    Canvas Studio lets teachers create or share interactive video content with time-stamped commenting, embedded quizzes, automated grading, and engagement analytics.
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Canvas LMS is an all-inclusive teaching and learning solution that provides a consistent, familiar space for teachers to create and deliver content, students to access coursework and grades, and parents to track assignments and student performance. As the hub of your learning ecosystem, Canvas LMS is uniquely built for education and beyond, chosen as the preferred LMS for California's community colleges and many universities, providing learners with a seamless transition to their next step in education.

What's Included at a Glance

Canvas Subscription Service Bundle

  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Canvas Studio Interactive Video Platform
  • Tier 1 / 24x7x365 Support
  • Unlimited Subscription Training

Best Rated Apps in the Business

  • Truly native iOS & Android apps built for mobile
  • 3 unique user apps: student, teacher, parent
  • Highest user ratings among LMS mobile apps

Information to Join and Access Canvas

Additional Information

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