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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

CAEDLG - Chapter 7 - Fostering Healthy, Equitable, and Inclusive Digital Communities


The California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance supports adult education programs in effective technology integration and provides strategies to build educator and system capacity focused on digital learning.

Chapter 7 focuses on fostering healthy, equitable, and inclusive online communities. The chapter examines the role of “learner” as one of many competing roles in adult learners’ lives. It also shares strategies for cultivating educator and learner well-being, developing educator agency in creating inclusive learning environments, and fostering digital citizenship. The chapter concludes by addressing the role of the community as a central facet of the digital learning experience.

To learn more, please see Chapter 7 – Fostering Healthy, Equitable, and Inclusive Digital Communities in the Digital Learning Guidance.

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