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ABOUT OTAN TRAINING: Workshop Descriptions

Workshop title Digital Badges With/Without Moodle 
Workshop description

What are digital badges? In this session we will explore how to create, award, earn, and display digital badges to recognize a learner’s skills, knowledge, and experience. Participants will create accounts with an open badge service and learn how to create and distribute badges. For participants with Moodle courses, the last part of the session will demonstrate how to create a badge within a Moodle course.

Prerequisites: Basic computer and Internet skills.  
Session length 2.0 hours 
Format Workshops: Synchronous online trainings, or series of trainings, in which facilitator and participants interact by voice or chat. 

To find out more about any of these workshops, including dates and times offered, please check the California Adult Education Professional Development Web site. This site has information on OTAN offered training, as well as training offered by CALPRO and CASAS.

Minimum System Requirements for Participating in Online Workshops:

  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable modem or faster, no dial-up).
  • Computer with speakers or headphones (some classes require microphones too).
  • Active e-mail account through registration for the course as an OTAN member.
  • Some workshops have other special requirements, please read the workshop descriptions carefully.