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Mandi Spottsville

Description: Mandi Spottsville is a young woman with dark hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a white shirt with a royal blue sweater on top.

Mandi Spottsville: A little bit of a tough act to follow, right? It's been great working with Martha and having an administrator with me going through this process. I think we are the first teacher/administrator team and it's been really a great experience. So this is who we are.

Description: The first slide shows a photo of Mandi with the caption Mandi Spottsville, ESL Teacher/Distance Learning Coordinator and a photo of Martha Rankin with the caption, Martha Rankin, Mentor/Administrator. Martha has short blonde hair and is wearing a brown turtle-neck sweater and eyeglasses. There is also a California TIMAC map shown with the Newport-Mesa participant location circled in red. The caption reads NMUSD Adult Education, Southern California.

Mandi: So – my name is Mandi Spottsville. I'm an ESL teacher and the distance learning coordinator. You just met Martha Rankin. She is our administrator and my mentor for this project. And we work in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in sunny, southern California.

Description: The next slide shows photos of Mandi's mentees. Pictured are: Rebecca Spohr – she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a brown striped top; Suzette Mascarenas – she has shoulder-length light brown hair and she is wearing a white top and large, chandelier earrings; Alida Labiosa – she has long, curly, red hair and is wearing a white sweater; Megan Brown – she has shoulder-length light brown hair and is wearing a red sweater; and Tony Magana – he has short dark hair and dark eyes and is wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt.

Mandi: My mentees are Rebecca Spohr, Suzette Mascarenas and I have three honorary mentees that I'd like to mention: Megan Brown, Tony Magana, and Alida Labiosa. And I call them my honorary mentees. They came in towards the end of our project to help us finalize some details. They weren't part of the original project but they really were integral to this process and so I really wanted to mention them.

Description: The next slide shows the blog page http://adultedmatters.wordpress.com. There is a photo of the school across the top with the title Adult Education Matters and the subheading – We share to impart, impact, improve, and empower. There are several links listed as well as a search field.

Mandi: Martha mentioned our blog, Adult Ed Matters. And really this was where our project, this was where the project was born. We really wanted our teachers to be more proactive, to have more ownership in the blog; not just reading what the administration had sent out but really taking ownership; posting to the blog, commenting to the blog, and also submitting things that they had created for other teachers to use. So we surveyed our teachers and they said…

Description: The next slide is called Survey Results. The bullet points are:

  • One place to house "shareables"
  • Easy to navigate
  • Organized by level

Mandi: …they wanted one place to house their shareables and they wanted it easy to navigate. They did not want to have to dig through hundreds of blog posts in order to find that one thing they were looking for. So they wanted it all in one place. And they also said they wanted it organized by level. So our team got together and brainstormed and tried to figure out should we create a new blog? Should we try a wiki? Should we – what should we do?

So we really wanted to keep our blog the focus so we just created a new page on our blog and it is now called Teacher Resources.

Description: The next slide pictures a blog page called Teacher Resources. The same photo of the school is used. There is a tab menu across the top of the page and there is a password field shown to access this page.

Mandi: So if you go to the blog, you'll see on the right hand side there is now a new page called Teacher Resources. And this is where teachers can upload PowerPoints they've made, worksheets they've done, tests they've created and everyone at our site can go and use it and learn from it and just be able to share with each other the things we've already created rather than having to re-create all the same material.

You'll notice that it is, however, password protected. Our teachers were really concerned about the privacy issue, and not wanting it out there for the world to see, just kind of for our site. So, unfortunately, it is password protected and I'm not allowed to give you guys a password. But we will take a look at it so you can see what we've done on the page. You just won't be able to take it home and use it later. Sorry.

Description: This next slide shows a graph of their blog page usage for the Teacher Resources page. The bullet points are:

  • 347 hits on new page since its official launch (Jan. 7)
  • Increased participation on blog by 85%
    • 57% of teachers have posted to the blog
    • 71% have commented on the blog
  • Positive feedback from teachers

Mandi: So since the page has launched we have had 347 total hits on the page since January 7. We've had an 85% increase of teacher participation on our blog; 57% of teachers have posted to our blog and 71% of teachers have commented on our blog. And the overall, general feeling is, you know, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from our teachers about the page and just being able to use it and having a place that they can go to kind of just get a whole bunch of stuff.

Description: The next slide shows the Web address for both the main blog page and the teacher resources page. They are:


Mandi: So it is called http://adultedmatters.wordpress.com/teacher-resources and so let's take a look at the page. So this is our new page. It is called Teacher Resources. You'll see that it is organized by level. We start at Beginning Literacy and we move all the way up through Multi Advanced. Within each level we have several categories: PowerPoints, worksheets, tests and quizzes, course essentials, that includes our pacing plans for our curriculum, our orientation PowerPoints, and anything else that might be essential to that specific course.

Right now, it's still in its beginning stages so everything is not completely full. As we move through Beginning-low our core curriculum is All-Star so a lot of our resources are specific to All-Star. You'll see tests and quizzes and these are not the tests and quizzes that All-Star has created, these are the tests and quizzes that our PLCs on our campus decided that they wanted to create aside from All-Star tests. In order to see; they wanted students to be able to produce work rather than just choose A, B, or C. So these are tests that we had little, mini PLCs created and so we posted those on the site. And you know, PowerPoints, and some of them have technology tech tips in there, and it goes all the way through to Multi Advanced. And then on the bottom are just some of the comments that people have left. So that is our new page, Teacher Resources.

And I think that's it. You can't see this page. I'm really sorry. But you can go to our blog at any time, adultedmatters.wordpress.com so and there it is. And that's it.

Description: Audience applause. Screen fades to black.