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Leila Rosemberg

Convert Paper-based Tests to Electronic Format
Interactive Whiteboard
Year Two

Description: Leila is a young, attractive blonde woman. She is wearing a sleeveless blue and yellow striped sweater. She smiles and shrugs as she introduces herself. She is standing in front of a microphone and is wearing and TIMAC nametag.

Leila Rosemberg: Thank you. Hello everybody. I was going to say I'm Leila Rosemberg; you already know that. And then I was going to say I am from Culver City Adult School, but you got that also.

Well, first of all thank you. It's great to be here after two years of TIMAC. The two years came real fast past and it was a wonderful experience, wonderful experience. Thank you Branka, thank you Marian, and all of you for all this wonderful network that we created together.

Description: Slide has a bright blue background with white text. It says:
"Culver City Adult School
Leila Rosemberg
Independent Learning Center
Adult Secondary Education"

Description: Leila continues her presentation.

Leila: I am a teacher/coordinator. I have been there in Culver City for 17 years. I work at the Independent Learning Center which is adult secondary program. We have GED and high school program. I am in charge of most of the math teaching also.

Description: Slide show First Year Project
Nicki – PowerPoint presentation for new students
JoAnn – ExamView software: paper to computer testing
Shelly – SmartBoard; Web site for English Class

Leila: During my first year project, you probably remember this; sorry I don't know if you don't, of a PowerPoint presentation I did last year. And I was really going crazy because I had three mentees and they all wanted completely different projects and I said, "Sure, why not, let's do it."

Description: Leila continues.

Leila: So, I had Nikki, was our adult school counselor and with her we created PowerPoint presentations for her orientation for her new students.
Joann is our instructional aide in the GED program. She was always complaining and we still have tons of tests that we correct every day. And we purchased the Exempt View software and we learned how to transfer paper testing into the computer and its working. It's great. Students know the result immediately. There's a managing system so you check. You have the roster of the students so you know how they are doing, if they are passing or not, and they know immediately if they passed or not.

Shelly is the GED Writing teacher. We bought the smartboard for her and we learned how to use it. Both of us are using a smartboard now, every single day; we are completely addicted to it. And she also developed a Web page for her class. So this was last year.

This year, I thought instead of telling what do you want to do and doing something different with each one, I decided we are going to do everything together when we meet to just do one thing. It was better. I started with six mentees and ended up with eight. One of them was my mentee last year also.

Description: Slide has a bright blue background with white text and a graphic of a little man with a computer at the end of a rainbow.  Second Year Project: 1. SchoolNotes; 2. PowerPoint; 3. Jeopardy; 4. SmartBoard; 5. United Streaming; 6. Google Earth – 8 Mentees

Description: Leila continues.

Leila: When we met in October, we decided to, we are going to do the first four items in this list and later on we included two more. We did SchoolNotes, we, it was mostly my ABE and ESL teachers that they really needed to get into technology. They were not having any technology at all in the classrooms. We did SchoolNotes, PowerPoint; I remember it was around Thanksgiving when we did PowerPoint and they did a great project. Later, we did Jeopardy and then after they all had their games we planned some strategies which would be the best way for the students to learn better from the games.

Description: Same slide is shown again and Leila continues.

Leila: And then smartboard; we're all into smartboard there and United Streaming Google Earth came into it. I just did Google Earth last week with my group and the ESL students tagging on Google Earth, you know, the whole class where they came from and then they travel throughout the world showing where they are, each one came from.

Description: Slide shows a three colum table with columns labeled "date," "tech projects," and "mentees." Each column is filled with appropriate data.

Leila: This is a huge chart I made for my principal. It shows which days we met and what we did in each meeting, and who attended. Like for instance, on March 14, I introduced United Streaming to them and these are the mentees who attended. We met every other week, always on Wednesdays, since October until last week.

Description: Photo shown of classroom watching an animated video on the screen at the front of the class. Another photo is shown of the teacher sitting at the front of the class. They all are looking at a handout about the video they just watched.

Leila: This is one of my mentees. She's the ABE Coordinator. She's showing a United Streaming video about fables. After the students watched the video, they discussed the moral of the lessons.

Description: Slide entitled 2-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year Goals shows a flow chart. At the top of the chart is "Goals" with lines to each of the 3 boxes, "2-Year Goal," "3-Year Goal," and "5-Year Goal." Goals are listed in each box.

Leila: My two, three, and five year project, this year, was to be able to reach the ESL and ABE teachers. They really needed to get into technology and luckily, seven of them are the ESL and ABE teachers.

Description: Leila continues.

Leila: My third year project, we already discussed it last week when we met. We planned to see if we learned Dreamweaver during the summer and perhaps we'll be able to create a school site, Web site, for us, so its gonna, instead of having lots of little projects, it's gonna be one big one for the year. And hopefully, I want to continue using United Streaming.

My five year project; I don't even know what's coming. Google Earth and United Streaming wasn't even part of the project in September. These are the things I learn as time pass and I said, "Whoa, look, I have two great things you need to learn now." So, so, who knows what I'm gonna be doing in five years, you know. But my goal is that I will be walking through the classrooms and everybody's gonna be using technology. Whatever's there, we'll see.

I chose to answer this technical skills acquired. It was one of the things Branka asked us to do. And I just sat and brainstormed; what is it that I didn't know before I entered TIMAC and I know now? And I came up with this chart. All of this I didn't know two years ago and I know now.

Description: Slide shows a 5 column table containing 25 cells with the title "Technical Skills Acquired" The table cells contain various technical skills. Twelve are shaded yellow, two are shaded green, and the remaining eleven are not shaded.

Leila: From all of these, the one in yellow at least one of my mentees is using; so I pass all of these to my mentees and at least one of them is using: so all the ones in yellow are happening today. In green, are the things I'm planning to do next year. It doesn't look too big, but it's just a smaller amount showing here, but it's a huge project because it's a school site. And hopefully, everything's gonna be yellow in the future.

Description: Leila continues and shows a slide with bright blue background and white text, entitled "How Has TIMAC Changed Me?"

  • I am showered with admiration and respect from teachers and administrators
  • I feel proud of my technology accomplishments
  • I opened a huge door in my life where there is an infinite world of knowledge to learn
  • People come to me for help, and I am able to help them
  • I belong to a network of people who have the same interest I have
  • I wish I could stay longer with TIMAC

There is a graphic showing a computer against a bright pink background with a blue graduation cap perched atop the monitor.

Leila: How has TIMAC changed me? Immensely, immensely. I am showered with admiration. My teachers, my principal, they don't know what to do.

Description: The audience laughs and applauds. Leila continues.

Leila: I have to say, I just got a wonderful (thank you), I just got a wonderful, I was just explaining with Jim yesterday, because my principal just gave me this huge, wonderful desk and he just made me go to the store and he said buy whatever computer you like, whatever screen you like, so I just got that, so I think he must be very happy. I am very happy also. I feel very happy that I know all the technology accomplishments. It feels good that you know and that you can pass it to others. I think I opened a huge door in my life in terms of knowledge. I'm thirsty for knowledge and it's always something else. There's always something else to learn. People come to me for help and I'm able to help them. And I belong to this wonderful network of people. We talk, we sit anywhere, we sit at the restaurant and we're talking about technology and I remember that I have stuff from CUE that I was writing in the napkin, you know, "Oh, yeah, you're doing this. Let me write it down. I'm gonna try it tomorrow." So, we're always into this and I wish TIMAC didn't go away after two years. I think we're gonna discuss about that. I really want to continue here. Thank you.