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Kristi Reyes

ESL Teacher Utilizes Technology Enhanced Classroom Equipment
Year Two

Description: Kristi is a young, attractive woman. She is wearing an apricot colored sweater and eyeglasses. Her blonde hair is tied back in a ponytail. She is speaking into a microphone and wears and OTAN nametag.

Kristi Reyes: So, what's new in technology integration at MiraCosta College? Newsletters.

Description: The slide shows a graphic of a newspaper with today's top headline — TIMAC Mentees Go Mad for Newsletters! Kristi is pictured and in the neighboring column there is the sub-head, Other News: PowerPoint Skills on the Rise; Teacher Makes Class Web Page; Details Inside!

Kristi: I had two instructors who were very interested in making class newsletters.

Description: Jan Bernasconi is pictured in front of the school on a slide entitled Citizenship Newsletter. She is a middle aged woman wearing a pink t-shirt with a white blouse over it. She has blonde hair and is smiling broadly.

Kristi: So, first is Miss Jayne Bernasconi and she's a citizenship instructor. And we have a large citizenship program. It's kind of run in an open lab where students work at their own pace and come sort of as a distance learning type of thing.

Description: Kristi is again shown giving her presentation.

Kristi: And so, she finished her first volume, issue one of a citizenship newsletter. The students interviewed each other, wrote the newsletter, she typed it up, and she learned how to download the pictures from her digital camera into a template and this is what it looks like on our non-credit ESL Web site.

Description: The citizenship newsletter cover is shown with a green side bar running down the left side, listing the contents of the newsletter. The title is Citizenship at the CLC and there are five gold stars running across the top of the title. There is an article entitled Self-Paced Classes Draw Many Students with a picture of students in the classroom. There is also a three-column story — Students From Around the World Get Acquainted.

Description: Kristi is shown continuing her presentation.

Description: Slide is shown with a picture of Debbie Hanley. Debbie is a young, dark-haired woman, smiling happily. Eli Clarke is also pictured. She is older, with short, dark hair. The slide is entitled "Newsletter" with a subtitle of ESL 899 (Level &) Transition to College Writing. There are two bullets and the words "Coming Soon" in red.

  • Morning Class, Debbie Hanley
  • Evening Class, Eli Clarke

Kristi: Another instructor also wanted to learn how to get those thousands of photos that she has on her digital camera into her computer. And her name is Debbie Hanley. She wanted to also make a class newsletter and for her class newsletter, she somehow, coerced all the morning instructors to have their students choose one outstanding or unique student from the class. The students in each level wrote the article, took photos, and right now, the newsletter is being produced.

Description: Kristi continues her presentation.

Kristi: Another person who was doing a newsletter is the other Level Seven ESL instructor. Her name is Ellie Clark. And she did not need any mentoring. She teaches computers, but I brought her on board and said why not have a morning and evening newsletter. So, unfortunately, I can not show those to you just yet. We have two more weeks of school and those are newsletters that are in production.

Description: A slide entitled PowerPoint shows a picture of Sue Otis, a middle-aged Japanese woman. There is also a picture of a snow-capped Mt. Fuji, with a very blue body of water in the foreground and an equally clear blue sky above. The caption for the photo reads, "Mt. Fuji, Natural Wonder" in both English and Japanese.

Kristi: So newsletters were the big focus of projects at our school this year, but I also did a couple of other things. This woman is an aide for the Level Seven and at the beginning of the school year I did a workshop on basics of PowerPoint and she got so excited that she decided to make PowerPoint presentations along with students.

Description: Kristi continues.

Kristi: And so this is just, these are a few slides from a very long PowerPoint presentation she made of Mt. Fuji. So, she's from Japan originally. And, let me just go back. And she also one day asked my in the staff room, how can I attach things in my email so now I showed her and I receive about five PowerPoints a week from her. So she's really excited about sending things in the email.

Description: The audience laughs.

Kristi: A lot of students have trouble, as someone mentioned, typing in long URLs and you always get this, "Teacher, it's not coming up." Well you didn't type quite correctly so I also gave a short workshop on filamentality, that I learned from Susan, and also SchoolNotes that I learned right here.

Description: Slide entitled "Class Web Pages" shows a screen shot from the SchoolNotes Web site, www.schoolnotes.com. Carla Stoner is listed as an Advance ESL Instructor. Kristi continues her presentation.

Kristi: And one instructor, she went to the workshop and right after she went to class and she was able to use this with her students; just a simple class Web page with hot links that students can click on the Web sites, very easy to use and make.

Description: Slide show TGIF Tech Tips.

  • Weekly Tech Tips via email
  • Easy way to provide training, reach wide audience, offsite locations, various schedules
  • Keyboarding shortcuts
    • Control keys
    • F keys
    • Word, Ppt, Excel

See "Spring 2007 MCC Tech Tips at http://kreyes.mcc.googlepages.com/eslbuffet

Kristi: A final thing that we've been doing at our school is, we have morning, afternoon, evening, off-site classes and while a lot of people are interested in technology integration, they just can not coordinate to attend a workshop at a set time. So this was an idea my administrator stole from some fellow colleagues, is to just send out weekly email tech tips. So, we call it T G I F tech tips. Simple things like Control A is to select all; Control C is to copy; a lot of people don't realize these simple keyboard shortcuts and it's been really effective and something we'll continue next year. So, I coordinated that and I have a Google page where you can see what we put together and so this was a comment from one of my mentees, Miss Bernasconi.

Description: Slide shows comment, "Kristi, Thank you… And an extra WOW! to you for teaching all of us! Sue especially "took off" on this. I see her spending one hour EVERY evening on the computer designing more shows! 'It's a beautiful thing!' Thank you, Miss Mentor! Jayne."

Kristi: Thank you.

Description: Kristi smiles and nods as her presentation concludes with audience applause.