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Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week 2020

Posted on 10/21/2020

October 19 to 23 is Digital Citizenship Week. Although the focus this week is on K-12 students and schools, this week presents many opportunities to think about how we should all be good digital citizens and how to encourage good online behavior when interacting with others, now and throughout the school year.

According to the California Department of Education, “The goal is to identify resources that can help students learn 21st century skills such as digital citizenship, information literacy, and safe and legal Internet use (for example, those surrounding plagiarism and pirating music and movies).” There are a number of resources for teachers and staff to review to help students be aware of digital citizenship and develop skills that they can use when working online.

  • The California Department of Education has developed two pages, Digital Citizenship Week and Digital Citizenship Weekly Plan, that provide classroom resources on a number of digital citizenship topics.

  • Common Sense Education has a special Digital Citizenship Week section on its website that lists a variety of activities and resources for different ages of students. Also visit the Common Sense Education Wide Open School for additional resources.

  • ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education) has a Digital Citizenship in Education web page with resources, including a downloadable Digital Citizenship poster, and a set of Digital Citizen standards that serve as the foundation for related materials.

  • AES Education has an article on How to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week.

  • Visit the website #ICanHelp for ways to promote positivity and delete negativity from online activity.

Happy Digital Citizenship Week 2020 and make sure to help your adult ed students become good digital citizens!

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