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Teaching English by the BBC: Have You Ever...?

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer, Internet access, projector, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint Software

Activity Description

This student-centered activity practices the phrase ‘have you ever...?' to talk about life experiences.


Print out and copy a bingo card and grid worksheet for each student.


  1. Elicit/brainstorm to develop list of about 20 irregular verbs (infinitive forms). Using a Word Document or PowerPoint, display the list using a digital projector..
  2. Give out bingo cards, ask students to choose any 9 verbs from the board and to write the past participle form on their cards.
  3. Play bingo by randomly selecting the verbs and calling out the infinitive forms.
  4. Students identify the verbs on their cards and cross them off until they have a line or full house, depending on how you want to play.
  5. Elicit some life experiences from the students. Examples could include getting married, having a baby, winning a prize, etc.
  6. Put students into groups, give them a piece of paper and ask them to brainstorm other life experiences. Monitor and provide help if necessary. Set a time limit.
  7. When finished, write up all the experiences on a new Word document.
  8. Distribute the grid handout and ask students to fill in the grid with life experiences of their choice from the ideas on the document.
  9. Students then talk with their classmates and ask and answer questions to try to find someone who has had that experience. They should be encouraged to ask follow up questions and to talk to as many people as possible.
  10. As a whole class, ask students to share what they have learned about their classmates.



  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low


Basic Communication

  • (0.2) Communicate regarding personal information
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