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Blendspace: Halloween Traditions Around the World

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computers, Internet access, projector (for class presentation), MS PowerPoint software, MS Word software

Activity Description

Using Blendspace, you can gather Web resources in one place, design those resources to assess students with built-in quizzes, and monitor their progress. It is a one-stop organization tool for your class! Students can access the lessons from their apps in iOS devices and Chromebooks. (Blendspace was previously known as Edcanvas.)

In this lesson on Halloween traditions around the world, students will 1. Locate information online 2. Create a PowerPoint slide with text and images 3. Demonstrate effective note taking 4. Identify Halloween traditions around the world 5. Write about their plans for Halloween


  1. Go to Blendspace and sign-up for a TES account.
  2. Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school and that your browser has any necessary plug-ins to display all the site's features.
  3. Watch the videos on how to use Blendspace. They can be found on the Teacher Resources  page. Scroll to the bottom and start with the Getting Started with Blendspace  video. Then watch the other three videos on Ways to use Blendspace.

To successfully complete this lesson, students should be comfortable conducting online searches, creating PowerPoint slides with text and images, effective note-taking strategies, creating Word documents and emailing attachments.


  1. Go to the Blendspace lesson on Halloween Traditions Around the World:
  2. Display the Warm Up Slide via projector and engage in whole class discussion.
  3. Review the Lesson Objectives on the next slide.
  4. Display and review the first assignment on the Vocabulary slide. Have students work on this assignment.
  5. Show the video on the next slide and have students take notes.
  6. Display the quiz and have students answer the questions as a class using their notes.
  7. Have students conduct the writing activity on the final slide.

Teacher Tips

  • Preview the different resources, but particularly the Gallery , looking for other resources to use.

More Ways

  • Have students create lessons to teach subjects to each other. Share them with the class and evaluate as a group.


  • Advanced


Basic Communication

  • (2.7) Understand aspects of society and culture

Basic Communication

  • (7.3) Demonstrate ability to use problem-solving skills
  • (7.4) Demonstrate study skills
  • (7.7) Demonstrate the ability to use information and communication technology
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