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News Story

Back-to-School Series: Create an OTAN Account

Posted on 08/19/2019

This is the first in a series of news items that will provide information about essential features of OTAN for you to know as you and your colleagues begin the new school year.

We encourage adult educators to create an account on the OTAN website. Creating an account is the easiest way to stay connected to the latest developments throughout the school year and it’s free! (If you already have an OTAN account, take a minute to log in and make sure that all your information is correct. If you need help finding your old account, please contact us!)

To create an OTAN account, first go to the OTAN website: https://otan.us

At the top of the page, click on Preferences.

Screenshot of OTAN.us webiste header with 'Preferences' highlighted

On the next page, create your OTAN account by clicking on Register Here!

Screenshot of OTAN.us login box with 'Register Here' highlighted.

You will enter your contact and agency information on the next page. At the bottom of the page, indicate your preferences for receiving OTAN Publications and Notifications. One note – if you check Professional Development under OTAN Notifications, you will receive email notices when there is an open training in your area, even if it is not at your agency.

Make sure to save your changes once you have entered all your information.

You’re all set to stay in touch with OTAN! Look for email notices, Digests, and Newsletters throughout the school year and we look forward to staying in touch! (And encourage a colleague to create an OTAN account as well!)

Coming up next: Information on OTAN trainings