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The Work of the Future Relies on Technology

Posted on 10/22/2018

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Every year, we see articles about employment trends, hot jobs, and predictions for the future of work. A recent article reporting on data collected by CareerBuilder says that the hottest job in the next five years will be home health aide, followed by other healthcare positions in addition to customer service positions across a number of industries.

CTE programs in adult education are well-suited to provide students the kind of training needed to get these positions and begin careers in in-demand industries. There’s another component to this training, though, that demands attention. From the article:

“What we see across industries…is that most professionals are becoming tech workers in some capacity,” Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder, told Yahoo Finance in an email.

With technology continuing to evolve, skills that employees will need are being redefined as well. Novoselsky noted that most of the fastest-growing occupations include some kind of technological component.

As we provide the training to get students a foot in the door, are we also arming them with the tech skills they will need to succeed and advance in their careers?

The mission of OTAN is to help adult educators integrate technology into their instruction, for the benefit of our adult ed students. We here have been working on updating our trainings to match the interest we see in the field for the kind of tech skills teachers want to pass along to their students. We invite you to take a look at the descriptions for our face-to-face External link opens in new window or tab and online External link opens in new window or tab workshops on our website and contact us if you would like OTAN to assist with technology training. You can email us at support@otan.us or call us at 916-228-2580 for more information.

Source: These are the fastest-growing jobs in the next 5 years External link opens in new window or tab